A little practical help for poor families

MicroAid – a little practical help for poor families. MicroAid is an international charity that helps empower groups of poor families through livelihood skills training, micro grants & business connections. MicroAid Projects is a UK Registered Charity Number: 1125206.

MicroAid supports micro-finance

1. The problem with microfinance

  • Give someone a $100 loan
  • They then invest that in a business they think will succeed. Example: They buy 3 goats, but they have no experience with goats, so maybe a goats will die and any profit has gone
  • Then they are left with a $100 loan and no way to repay it

2. How MicroAid solves the problem

  • MicroAid provides a small grant so someone can check out their business idea first. Example: we send them to stay with a goat expert for 2 weeks
  • That way they can learn whether the business is a good one first
  • We also show them other good home business ideas in their village and local area
  • Then if they do decide to take out a micro-credit loan, they have a better idea if they will be able to repay it or not
  • Read theĀ full story of Niba Rani, a Bangladeshi girl who managed to improve the well-being of her families through the micro-enterprise of raising ducks

What makes MicroAid special?

MicroAid’s motto is: teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

MicroAid Projects helps poor people learn new skills that will create income for them and their family.

Practical direct help

  • MicroAid promotes self-help with short small educational projects that lead to independent home businesses,
  • MicroAid avoids distorting the market by not giving capital goods (no free cows on us)
  • We use very local Community Facilitation Partners who have been in place for years; so we ensure that only truly poor people can access MicroAid support, designed as so small it is only of interest to poor families
  • MicroAid is a “bottom up” charity; we only do what local people ask

Using information technology

  • We can reach via the internet into the remotest communities in the world yet still keep track of progress.

We also make things pretty cool for donors:

  • We provide you personalized direct feedback as videos, photos and comments from your chosen micro-project, so you can see what happened with your money;
  • MicroAid lets you choose your own projects so you can follow a specific village or family out of poverty; try doing this in your own family, classroom or friendship group

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