Development of micro poultry for Duncan Kioko

Development of micro poultry for Duncan Kioko

Funding information:

  • Micro Project Budget: £297
  • Donation so far: £0
  • Balance Required: £297

Sponsored Home Activity:

Raising chickens for their eggs. We will learn how to raise chickens properly to produce eggs that can be sold into the market and can add to the nutrition for our children.

Value for poor families:

We will get some eggs and get money, so we can take better care of our chickens and hopefully expand our home business. This extra money for the family from selling eggs is one step out of poverty.

Help poor families learn home business skills. Fund this micro project via MyDonate.

Beneficiary: Duncan Kioko

Project Location: Ngengeka Village, Kenya

Project ID: KMUN1814

Community Facilitation Partner: Kenya Mbee United – KMU

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