Rattan dinner plates

Rattan dinner plates

Sponsored Home Activity:

“One day there was a wedding party in our village and there were plates for dinner served made of rattan brought from the husband’s village far away. The plates are very unique and interesting, because we had never seen it before. Usually for serving food, we use plates covered with banana leaves or decorated coated paper. Through our community facilitator, we contacted MicroAid to teach us how to make rattan dinner plates.”
In this training, poor families learn how to make dinner plates made from rattan. The training begins with cleaning up the rattan, soaking it and then weaving the plate using a circular weaving technique. When families are able to create the plates, they sell well in the village market and further afield.

Value for poor families:

As a work of art, this type of dinner plate is perfect for a special party or a family reunion. in the plates made can be sold in the local market or to our neighbors. This extra money for the family from making and selling rattan plates is one step out of poverty.

Funding information:

  • Micro Project Budget: £110
  • Donation so far: £110
  • Balance Required: £0

Donors for this micro projects are: P. Brown and J. Wall


  1. Marice
  2. Magdalena
  3. Lusia Hingi
  4. Melania

Project Location:  Hewuli, West Alok, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Project ID: SADI121001

Community Facilitation Partner: Sari Sharma Indah Foundation

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