Palm leaf bags & baskets

Palm leaf bags & baskets

Sponsored Home Activity:

This training will provide skills for mothers to learn to make hand bags and shopping baskets from palm leaves. Coconut trees are abundant in many villages, so there are plenty of raw materials. We can make hand bags and baskets with a variety of designs. The selling price of bags and baskets made from palm leaves is £ 2 – £ 4 per bag. The bags can be used for everyday needs such as shopping or as a souvenirs or presents for visitors. Poor families desperately need MicroAid help so that they can learn this home business skill and turn their work into money.

Value for poor families:

Poor families will learn to make bags and shopping baskets from palm leaves. If the results are good, to the families can sell the bags themselves or to a supplier in the village market. This extra money for the family from making and selling simple bags is one step out of poverty.

Funding information:

  • Micro Project Budget: £140
  • Donation so far: £0
  • Balance Required: £140

Help poor families learn home business skills. Fund this micro project via MyDonate.


  1. Lusia Laru
  2. Maria Mbagha
  3. Bernadeta Beke
  4. Maria Weka
  5. Klemensia Ndari

Project Location:  Garam Kampong, Kota Uneng Village, Alok, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Project ID: SUMB121001

Community Facilitation Partner: Source of Life Foundation

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