Development of a vegetable garden cabbage

Development of a vegetable garden cabbage

A family group in Waility, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, chaired by Frances is very excited to manage their vegetable garden. Currently our vegetable garden area has been increased so that many of our surrounding neighbors are involved in developing a vegetable garden, which is to lend the land behind their homes to plant vegetables. We are very pleased.
Another thing that also gives happiness to us was, unexpectedly, our vegetable garden soil is now like a sort of play ground for children in the afternoon, because they can play while watering the plants in the vegetable garden. On every afternoon in our garden now filled by children who helped their mother to water the plants using new water hose which we bought. The atmosphere in our village to be full of joy.
Thank you MicroAid, because we now have a wider field, have more kinds of vegetable that have planted and now we are using water hoses to water the plants, then we’ve got plenty of power for plowing and expand our garden area. While the task of watering plants by our children in the afternoon.
Other results obtained in the development of a vegetable garden are a closer kinship between parents and children, because we can play, work and find joy in doing this activity together. Once again thanks to MicroAid through the Kasih Insani Foundation for bringing change to the family by making the dry land and not useful land to be fertile ground, green and can make money for us in Waility village.

Next step:
The next plan is to keep learning in agriculture activity, we are also want to learn to make organic compost and develop the vegetable garden using plastic media so we can supplement the family income to pay the school children.

Beneficiary comments:
Fransiska Thomas
Fransiska is always think positive and very grateful for the activities funded by MicroAid’s donors. The results obtained through the vegetable garden can also be an impact on the family environment that is around them where they also grow vegetables for the family needs a day – today. Also for their children so they like to eat vegetables and do activities to play while helping their parents in the garden.

Margaretha is very pleased to be watering the vegetable garden using a hose so that does not drain much power to take water from the well using a bucket, and say thank you because it can increase knowledge about the types of vegetables and can generate money to meet the needs of everyday life and not have to buy the vegetables in the market.

Rosa Delima
Rosa is very happy and thank you for this activity that brings something new in her family life as a farmer because she could supplement the family income and also from selling vegetables she was able to buy new seeds, so that family income is better than ever.

Bibiana is not active in this activity because of being pregnant, but still would like to thank to MicroAid who have opened their minds, so the assumption that the soil dry and useless could be converted into arable land and make money

Very pleased with this activity because it can try several kinds of vegetables to be planted in the garden and no longer need to buy vegetables at the market so they can save money for shopping.

Project budget: £130
Community Facilitation Partner: Human Love Foundation – KASI
Date of project implemented: May 26, 2012
Project location: Waility, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Donors for this project:

Amber B.

Toby B.

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