Testing New Technology – Fireless Cooker

Testing New Technology – Fireless Cooker


  • Family group know an alternative way of cooking and warming food
  • Simple technology is introduced so that the family can make a stove without fire, for its own use or for sale to others
  • The use of non-fire stove can save the cost of purchasing oil as a fuel stove
  • As a cooking tool and food warmer that eco friendly
  • The cost of making an inexpensive and easy to make

Next Step:

We will follow them individually to identify any challenges that they might be experiencing with implementation and offer them any assistance that they might require. We will encourage them to work as a group especially for marketing purposes.

Beneficiary Comments:

John Kariuki Kiiru: The training was very useful for me to learn how to make briquettes fire. This is the beginning of the winter and I will make briquettes for use during the winter.

Alice Wairimu Njuguna: Am glad to know how to make a fireless cooker. It is going to be of great help to me since I’ll be preparing enough food before going to the garden, place it in the basket and the food will still be warm by the time I come back.

Lydia Muthoni Githendu: Am happy to know that besides making these products for my own personal use, I can generate some income by selling the briquettes which I made.

Mercy Wairimu Macharia: I didn’t know that I could use the available resources around my homestead to make something useful like this. I am really grateful for this training and I really thank all of those who made it possible financially.

Helen Waithira Kimemia:

I can now cut costs for the purchase of firewood, because now I can make briquettes and stove without fire. I hope this technology can be used by many women as they can use this technology to cook.


Donors for this project: V. Beresford, T. Beresford & K. Harper

Project ID: COSD1081

Project budget: £140

Community Facilitation Partner: Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme – COSDEP

Date of project implemented: June 12, 2012

Project location: Kamung’ang’a Village, Murang’a County, Central province of Kenya

Feedback comment for this micro project:

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